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                                          Perth.Western Australia.

Weld West Roadracing Championship Rnd 2 Race Day.

Barbagallo Raceway.Perth.WA.

21st June '15..

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These  496 images were some of the images that I shot at the MCRCWA Round 2 Race Day on Sunday 21/6/15

If your bike isn't in the slide show ,lets know and I'll send you a Thumbnail,just send me a description ,race number etc.

If you'd like to order a print go to my contact page. 


R1 - Cully's Yamaha Clubman 600

1  269  Joondalup Carpet Court                                  Matt Price                       Honda CBR600RR                   D                 6   6:26.3624

2   50  MOJO MOTO                                                         Graham Jeanes             Honda CBR600RR                    C                 6   6:27.7674

3  88  Badger Racing                                                       James Smith                  Triumph Daytona 675            C                 6   6:43.8094

R2- Helmet House Production 300 Series - Race 1

1   90  MWR                                                                        Daniel Wilson                Kawasaki Ninja 250R            C                  5  6:37.2864

2   48  JB Racing                                                                Tim Boujos                      Kawasaki Ninja 300               B                  5  6:43.6134

3  27  JB Racing                                                                Lachlan Keogh                Kawasaki Ninja 250R            D                  5  6:43.9994


R3 - Fastline GP Racing WA 125GP State Championship

1  156  JB Racing                                                             Colin Boujos                     Aprilia RS 125                          C                 7   8:47.9194

2  241  Dave Noblett                                                                                                   Honda RS 125                           D                7   9:08.1764

3   68  Fastline GP Racing                                           David Manson                  Honda RS 125                           C                 7   9:08.9224

R4 - Weld West WA Superbike State Championship

1  57  Holdfast                                                               Cameron Stronach           Kawasaki                                  A                 8  8:56.6540

2   3   McB Sports                                                         Anthony McFadden         BMW S 1000 RR                       A                 8  8:57.2890

3  61  Chris Brown                                                                                                       Kawasaki ZX-10R 1000          B                  8  9:04.7940

R5 - Hughes WA Supersport State Championship

1  215  SP Racing                                                          Thyron VanVuuren           Kawasaki ZX-6R 600            A                 8  8:58.2692

2    84  JB Racing                                                           Leigh Boujos                        Yamaha YZF-R6 600             B                 8  9:04.8252

3 266  BPR                                                                      Scott McCue                         Suzuki GSX-R 600                 C                 8   9:07.7372

R6 - Chain Reaction Motorcycles Clubman 1000

1   158  Reoright Steelfixing                                  Sean McHale                        Honda CBR1000RR               C                  6  6:51.8896

2    70  SKB Racing                                                      Andrew Eccles                     Suzuki GSX-R 1000               C                  6  6:54.3306

3  202  Tim de Bruyn                                                                                                   Kawasaki ZX-10R 1000        C                  6  6:55.8476

R7 - WA Sidecar State Championship  

1  24   Rick Hanger Racing                                   J.Joyce/C.Blackman             RHR Racing Kawasaki           F1A           7    8:56.6944  

2    6   Murphy's Tyrepower                               D.Harvey/D.Jeal                    Watson Honda 600                F2A           7    9:14.8344   

3  50   M.Robbins/K.Dore                                                                                        Kawasaki 600                           F2B           7    9:43.6524  

R8 - Cully's Yamaha Clubman 600

1 153  Eddie Kirrane                                                                                                  Suzuki GSX-R 600                    D               5  5:58.5451

2 200  Ben Shingler                                                                                                   Suzuki GSX-R 600                     C               5  5:59.2901

3  50  MOJO MOTO                                                 Graham Jeanes                     Honda CBR600RR                    C               5  6:03.3161

R9 - Helmet House Production 300 Series

1  48  JB Racing                                                           Tim Boujos                         Kawasaki Ninja 300                 B               4  5:16.6756

2  27  JB Racing                                                          Lachlan Keogh                   Kawasaki Ninja 250R               D              4  5:17.2986

3  13  SP Racing                                                         Michelle Marais                Kawasaki Ninja 300                 B               4  5:19.36760

R10 - Fastline GP Racing WA 125GP State Championship

1    86    Fastline GP Racing                                  David Doughty                     Honda RS 125                            C         6  7:20.7826  

2  156    JB Racing                                                    Colin Boujos                          Aprilia RS 125                           C         6  7:28.0476   

3   241   Dave Noblett                                                                                               Honda RS 125                           D         6  7:44.9396  

R11 - Weld West WA Superbike State Championship

1  57  Holdfast                                                        Cameron Stronach               Kawasaki                                   A        7  7:32.2829

2  61  Chris Brown                                                                                                     Kawasaki ZX-10R 1000          B         7  7:34.1449

3    3  McB Sports                                                   Anthony McFadden            BMW S 1000 RR                        A        7  7:38.0209

R12 - Hughes WA Supersport State Championship

1  266  BPR                                                               Scott McCue                           Suzuki GSX-R 600                   C           7  7:41.8813

2  163  Vision Concrete                                      Ray Tschorn                           Triumph Daytona 675            B           7  7:47.4293

3   84  JB Racing                                                     Leigh Boujos                          Yamaha YZF-R6 600                B           7  7:48.70934

R13 - Chain Reaction Motorcycles Clubman 1000

1  202  Tim de Bruyn                                                                                               Kawasaki ZX-10R 1000           C          4  4:31.5796

2    45  Jackson Roofing                                    Sam Kelham                            Kawasaki ZX-10R 1000           C          4  4:40.7546

3   33  EPS Group Australia                             Donsy Nel                                MV Agusta F4 1000                  C          4  4:51.6316

R14 - WA Sidecar State Championship

1  24  Rick Hanger Racing                          J.Joyce/C.Blackman                   RHR Racing Kawasaki          F1A        6   7:37.6411

2  15  E.Mulholland/J.Sheahan                                                                         Kawasaki 600 F2N                                 6   8:16.8391

3  50  M.Robbins/K.Dore                                                                                     Kawasaki 600 F2B                                 6    8:21.0991

R15 - Cully's Yamaha Clubman 600

1  153  Eddie Kirrane                                                                                              Suzuki GSX-R 600                    D       5  5:51.4059

2  266  BPR                                                       Scott McCue                                  Suzuki GSX-R 600                    C       5  5:54.8389

3  200  Ben Shingler                                                                                                Suzuki GSX-R 600                    C       5   5:55.5499

 R16 - Fastline GP Racing WA 125GP State Championship

1   86  Fastline GP Racing                        David Doughty                                 Honda RS 125                            C     6  7:23.2761

2   63  One 2 One                                        Jack Twisse                                       Honda RS 125                             B    6  7:45.4911

3 241  Dave Noblett                                                                                                Honda RS 125                             D    6  7:45.9171

R17 - Weld West WA Superbike State Championship

1  35  Northside Timber Flooring       Ben Stronach                                   Kawasaki ZX-10R 1000             A   7 7:36.0937

2  24  Jimmal Bolts                                   Ralph Mammoliti                           Kawasaki ZX-10R 1000             A   7 7:36.2647

3  57  Holdfast                                           Cameron Stronach                         Kawasaki                                      A   7 7:36.3897

R18 - Hughes WA Supersport State Championship

1  163  Vision Concrete                         Ray Tschorn                                        Triumph Daytona 675               B   7  7:41.6653

2  215  SP Racing                                     Thyron VanVuuren                           Kawasaki ZX-6R 600                  A   7  7:46.8433

3  147  Tommy King                                                                                                Yamaha YZF-R6 600                    C   7  7:49.2993

R19 - Chain Reaction Motorcycles Clubman 1000

1    70   SKB Racing                                   Andrew Eccles                                      Suzuki GSX-R 1000                  C   4  4:29.5089 

2  158   Reoright Steelfixing               Sean McHale                                          Honda CBR1000RR                  C   4  4:32.1289

3  999   Carpet Liquidators                  Daniel Rignall                                        Honda CBR1000RR                  C   4  4:34.9329

                  Well the weather bureau got it right for Sundays racing with the conditions that could be described only as character building .Riders, Officials and spectators all got drenched as rain gods opened up and just dumped, but as the day went on the weather slightly improved with the track drying out and providing some interesting racing in all classes .

In R1  of the Cully's Yamaha Clubman 600  it was Matt Price riding his Joondalup Carpet Court Honda CBR who got away well and managed to pull away from  Graham Jeanes riding his MOJO MOTO Honda CBR who went on to take 2 nd place with 3 rd being taken out by Badgar Racing's James Smith on his Triumph Daytona.In R2 it was Eddie Kirrane and Ben Shingler who were both riding Suzuki Gixers who rode away and went on to take 1 st and 2 nd respectively ,coming in 3 rd was MOJO MOTO  Graham Jeanes . R3 lined up on the grid and again it was the Suzuki  rider  Eddie Kirrane who got away to a good start with Scott McCue and Ben Shingler also on their Suzuki's trying to chase down bike # 153 ,but it was Eddie Kirrane who went on to take the top podium with Scott McCue taking out 2 nd place and Ben Shingler  taking 3 rd.

Next out where the  Helmet House Production 300 Series with 17 riders lining up on the grid   ,and it was Daniel Wilson who got away to a great start with Tim Boujos and Lachlan Keogh following close behind ,but it was Wilson who went on to take the flag by just over 6 sec's ,with Boujos and Keogh riding a great race claiming 2 nd and 3 rd placing respectively .R2 came out and it was JB racing Tim Boujos who got away and went to ride on and take the flag ,with JB racer  Lachlan Keogh hotly in pursuit claiming 2 nd place on the podium ,coming in 3 rd was  SP racer Michelle Marais  .

     Next up where the Fastline GP Racing WA 125GP State Championship,with 8 riders braving the elements ,it was JB Racing Colin Boujos  on his Aprilla who got away to a good lead and was not headed as he went on to take the flag from Dave Noblett on a Honda  who picked up 2 nd and Fastline GP Racing David Manson  coming in to take 3 rd spot.R2 got away with Fastline GP Racing  David Doherty pointing his Honda and taking it straight to the flag with Colin Boujos getting 2 nd spot ,Dave Noblett picking up the remaining podium . R3 got underway with again Fastline racer David Doherty getting a great start and just riding the wheels off his Honda  going on to take the flag ,coming in 2 nd was Jack Twisse who was being hotly pursued by Dave Noblett who collected the remaining spot on the podium . 

     The Weld West WA Superbike State Championship , riders came out with 24 competitors lining up for the Premium class ,it was Cameron Stronach riding his Holdfast Kawasaki who got away to head into turn and just kept his head down and went on to take the flag with McB Sports rider Anthony McFadden on his BMW taking 2 nd place  ,Chris Brown who rode his Kawasaki  in to take 3 rd place.R2 lined up and it was again Cameron Stronach who got the drop and was into the first corner and rode away to take the flag with Chris Brown claiming 2 nd spot and Anthony McFadden coming in 3 rd. R3 got away and it was 3 of the past and present Superbike champs heading into the first turn with Ben Stronach riding his Holdfast Kawasaki  getting in first who then was being  hotly pursued by Jimmal bolts rider Ralph Mammoliti  also on a Kawasaki ,it was Ben Stronach who kept his place at head of the pack with Mammoliti and Cameron Stronach battling it out ,after 7 laps there was only .3 of a sec separating the threesome and coming out of the last turn it was Ben Stronach who took the top spot on the podium with Ralph Mammoliti picking up 2 nd and Cameron Stronach getting 3 rd.

    Hughes WA Supersport State Championship , were the next  to line up with 19 riders presenting themselves for the start ,the lights went out and it was SP racing Thyron Van Vuuren riding his Kawasaki who got the drop with JB Racing Leigh Boujos on his Yamaha and  BPR Scott McCue riding his Gixer in pursuit ,after the 8 laps it was Thyron VanVuuren who rode well to take the flag, coming in 2 nd was Leigh Boujos  with Scott McCue getting the remaining spot for 3 rd . R2 19 riders lined up for the start and it was BPR'S Scott McCue on his Gixer who got away to a great start ,being hotly pursued by SP Thyron VanVuuren and JB racing Tim Boujos ,but with laps to go  VanVuuren and  Tim Boujos both ended up in the Basin sandpit and DNF'd , Vision Concrete rider Ray Tschorn  and JB Racing Leigh Boujos rode on to complete the podium with Scott McCue taking out the top spot. In R3 the remaining 18 riders lined up to do battle ,the lights went out and it was  Vision Concrete's Ray Tschorn on his Truimph   who got away to a great start ,being followed by SP racing Thryon VanVuuren and Tommy King who was riding his Yamaha ,after the 7 laps it was Ray Tschorn who took the top spot on the podium ,with Thyron picking up 2 place and Tommy King getting 3 rd.

       Chain Reaction Motorcycles Clubman 1000  class lined up for their  R1 with 13 riders, and it was Reoright  Steelfixers  Sean McHale riding the Honda that got away to a great start with SKB racing Andrew Eccles riding his Suzuki close behind ,it was Sean McHale who went on to take the chequered flag with Andrew Eccles claiming 2 nd spot ,Tim de Bruyn on the Kawasaki coming in 3 rd .In R2 it was Tim de Bruyn who rode the wheels off his Kawasaki who went on to take the chequered flag with Jackson Roofing Sam Kelham on another Kawasaki picking up 2 nd ,coming in 3 rd was the MV Augusta kid, EPS Group Australia's Donsy Nel .In R3 SKB racing Andrew Eccles got into the first corner ,but was being pursued by Reoright Steelfixers Sean McHale  and Carpet Liquidators Daniel Rignal on his Suzuki,but after the 4 laps it was Eccles who collected 1 st place with McHale picking up 2 nd and Rignal collecting 3 rd.

                The next class up were the WA Sidecar State Championship ,the lights went out and it was the  Rick Hanger racing combo of Joyce/Blackman on the Kawasaki  who got the drop on the field with the entry of Murphy's Tyrepower's Harvey/Jeal Honda  heading of out of the first corner ,after the 7 laps it was the Rick Hanger outfit that took the flag with Murphy's Tyrepower picking up 2 nd and the Kawasaki outfit of Robbins and Dore collecting 3 rd.

R2 came along and it was again the combo of Rick Hanger racing Joyce /Blackman that made the most of the conditions and went on to take the top spot on the podium ,with the combo of Mulholland/Sheahan riding their Kawasaki to take 2 nd spot and the experienced combo of Robbins/Dore coming in to take 3 rd place..

                                                      It wasn't the quickest bike'S  that won today but the rider'S  that used their heads .


                                 Congratulations to all the riders ,Spectators and of course all the Officials .