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                                          Perth.Western Australia.

Weld West Roadracing Championships Rnd1 Race Day.

Barbagallo Raceway.Perth.WA.

26th April '15..

These 526 images were some of the images shot at the MCRCWA Round 1 Race day on Sunday 26/4/15 at Barbagallo Raceway.Perth.WA.

If your not in the Slide Show ,email me and I'll send you some thumbnails pics.

If you'd like to buy any go to my contact page ,email me with a description colour of bike,helmet ,leathers etc.

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                  The scene was set for a great days racing, with clear blue skies and smiles on the dials. the first group up on the grid are the  Clubman 600, Tommy King riding his Yamaha got away to a great start and came out of turn 1 and just kept on going to take the flag, HTR racing Geoff Booth also riding a Yamaha came in to take 2nd, coming in 3rd was BPR Scott McCue riding a Suzuki. In the second race it was again # 147 Tommy King who got away well and eventually heading to take the flag by just under 2 sec's from HTR racing Geoff Booth, coming in 3rd was MOJO MOTO Graham Jeanes on his Honda. Race 3 got away and it was again the Yamahas of Tommy King and Geoff Booth who set the pace and just raced away to take the flag, Tommy King rode well to claim the top podium in all 3 races with HTR racing Geoff Booth taking all 3 2nd spots, coming 3rd was Race Workz Paul Wood riding his Yamaha.

     The Helmet House Production 300 Series were next to line up on the grid, Tim Boujos on his Kawasaki Ninja got away well with SP Racing Michelle Marais also on a Kawasaki hotly in pursuit of the #48 bike, after 6 laps it was Tim Boujos who went on to take the chequered flag, Michelle Marias collected 2nd with RAM Motorsport rider Joel Hunter riding a Kawasaki taking 3rd spot. In Race 2 Tim Boujos and Michelle Marias again had a great start and headed out of turn 1 and went on to collect 1st and 2nd spot respectively ,Lachlan Hickey rode thru' the field and went on to collect a well deserved 3rd spot on the podium.  


Next up Fastline GP Racing WA 125GP Championship lined up on the gird , after a great start Specialty Services Air Con rider Scott Pettit on a Honda headed into T1 and just  powered ahead to take the chequered flag by over 5 sec's ,coming in 2nd was Fastline GP racing rider David Doughty on a Honda,Fastline Rider David Manson riding his Honda came in to collect 3rd spot. In Race 2 Scott Pettit from  Specialty Services Air Con again got his Honda cranked up and just powered ahead to ride on and take the flag with Fastline GP Racing rider David Manson collecting 2nd and another Fastline GP Racing rider David Doughty riding in to collect 3rd place. Race 3 lined up and yes it was Specialty Services Air Con rider Scott Pettit who took off and was never headed to go on and take his 3rd flag for the meeting, coming 2nd after a great scrap d was Fastline GP Racing riders David Doughty, with David Manson taking 3rd spot.

Lining up next was the premium class, Weld West WA Superbike State Championship, Jimmal Bolts rider Ralph Mammoliti on his Kawasaki got away to a great start with HTR Racing Adam Chamber and Holdfast   rider Cameron Stronach also riding a Kawasaki hotly in pursuit but at after the 8 laps didn't have the pace to keep up, Ralph taking the flag with Adam getting 2nd spot and Cameron getting 3rd spot on the podium. In Race 2 it was another great tussle to get to the first cnr but it was Cameron Stronach who had the speed and went on to hold off  Mammoliti with McB Sports rider Anthony McFadden on a BMW coming in to take 3rd spot .In race 3 they lined up for the start and it was Ralph Mammoliti ,Anthony McFadden and Cameron Stronach who battled it out for the lead ,but it was Ralph who came in to take the flag from Anthony McFadden  and Cameron Stronach collected 3rd spot ,there was 1 sec difference between 1st and 3rd .


 Hughes WA Supersport State Championship were next up and it was SP Racing rider Thyron VanVuuren riding a Kawasaki who led the pack into the first turn being hotly pursued by Livo Zampieri who was also on a green machine ,Leigh Boujos riding his Yamaha ,but after 5 laps it was the # 215 bike of Thyron VanVuuren who went on to take the flag with Livo Zampieri coming in 2nd closely followed by Leigh Boujos  who took 3rd.In Race 2 the pack headed in to turn 1 with the bike's off Thyron VanVuuren ,Livo Zampieri and Leigh Boujos fighting for the lead ,but at end of the 8 lap race it was the SP Racing bike of VanVuuren who ended up taking the chequered flag from a determined Livo Zampieri ,Leigh Boujos riding well coming in to collect 3rd spot. Race 3 the field lined up again to do battle but again after the first corner it was the trio of VanVuuren, Zampieri and Leigh Boujos who headed off to fight it out over the 8 laps, determination paid off for Livo Zampieri who went on to take the top spot on the podium beating the SP racing bike of VanVuuren by half a second and Leigh Boujos on his Yamaha taking 3rd spot.

The Chain Reaction Motorcycles Clubman 1000 lined up on the grid for the start of their race, Steve Barrington riding his Yamaha got away well with the Badger Racing KTM of Johan Mouton and Tim de Bruyn on the ZX -10R Kawasaki, but it was the bike of Steve Barrington who went on to take the flag by just over 4 sec's from Badger Racing's Johan Mouton , rounding off the podium was Tim de Bruyn who got 3rd.In Race 2 it was again a great start and the trio of Barrington, Mouton + De Bruyn who headed on up the track to fight it out ,Barrington riding his Yamaha well went on to take the flag from Mouton who claimed 2nd with De Bruyn getting 3rd.Race 3 was on the grid and it was looking like a repeat of the 2 previous  races ,the lights went out and after the scramble for position into the first corner it was again Steve Barrington who kept his bike in front to go on and take the flag for the 3rd time at the meeting ,coming in 2nd was the Honda of Carpet Liquidators Daniel Rignall with Champion Ride Days Brian Dick on his Honda .

WA Sidecar State Championship was the next up on the program , after a great start the Kawasaki of Rick Hangar Racing being ridden by J.Joyce/A.Fincher/C.Blackman headed off up the track to take the lead and go on to get the flag ,beating D. Walker/J.Winchester in their RHR 1000 ,taking 3rd spot was the Suzuki of  M.Stronach/J.Thompson .In Race 2 the combo of J.Joyce/A.Fincher/C.Blackman riding the Rick Hangar outfit again got away to a good start ,after the first cnr they just kept on keeping on and headed to the flag with a gap of over 29 sec's to the Kawasaki outfit of  # 20 Evans/E.Mulholland ,coming in to grab 3rd was the rig of Murphy's Tyre Power ridden by D. Harvey/G.Cushnahan .


                   Thank you to all the Officials and Riders as the meeting was enjoyed by All.

Weld West WA Superbike State Championship

24 Jimmal Bolts                   Ralph Mammoliti                             Kawasaki ZX‐10R 1000            25 20 25 70

2  57 Holdfast                        Cameron Stronach                            Kawasaki ZX‐10R 1000            18 25 18 61

3  3 McB Sports                      Anthony McFadden                            BMW S 1000 RR                     17 18 20 55

4  64 HTR Racing                    Adam Chambers                               Kawasaki ZX‐10R 1000            20 16 16 52


Hughes WA Supersport State Championship

1 215 SP Racing                      Thyron VanVuuren                          Kawasaki ZX‐6R 600                13 25 20 58

2 87                                      Livio Zampieri                                Kawasaki ZX‐6R 600               10 20 25 55

3 84 JB Racing                        Leigh Boujos                                  Yamaha YZF‐R6 600                 9 18 18 45

4 63 One 2 One                       Jack Twisse                                   Yamaha YZF‐R6 600                 8 15 17 40

WA Sidecar State Championship

1  24 Rick Hanger Racing          J.Joyce/A.Fincher/C.Blackman        RHR Racing Kawasaki                  25 25 50

2 20 Rick Hangar Racing           G.Evans/E.Mulholland                    RHR Kawasaki 1000                     16 20 36

3 6 Murphy's Tyrepower             D.Harvey/G.Cushnahan                  Watson Honda 600                      17 18 35

4 5                                        M.Stronach/J.Thompson                 Suzuki 1000                               18 17 35


Weld West WA Superbike B Grade Series

1  64 HTR Racing                       Adam Chambers                              Kawasaki ZX‐10R 1000           25 25 25 75

2  61                                        Chris Brown                                   Kawasaki ZX‐10R 1000           20 20 20 60

3  30 Rick Gill Motorcycles           Ashley Fleming                              Suzuki GSX‐R 1000                18 18 16 52

4  90 Rockingham Power Sports    Steve Chittendon                            Honda CBR1000RR                17 17 17 51

Weld West WA Superbike C Grade Series

1  40 Aprilia                               Alex Scaglioni                              Aprilia RSV4 1000                   25 25 25 75

2  182 SKB Racing                        Mike Howden                               Kawasaki ZX‐10R 1000             20 20 18 58

3  173                                        Craig Gollop                                Suzuki GSX‐R 1000                  17 18 20 55

4  132 Velocity Race Team            Tim Simmons                               Yamaha YZF‐R1 1000               18 17 17 52

Hughes WA Supersport B Grade Series

1 215 SP Racing                         Thyron VanVuuren                        Kawasaki ZX‐6R 600                13 25 20 58

2 87                                         Livio Zampieri                              Kawasaki ZX‐6R 600                10 20 25 55

3 84 JB Racing                           Leigh Boujos                                Yamaha YZF‐R6 600                 9 18 18 45

4 63 One 2 One                          Jack Twisse                                 Yamaha YZF‐R6 600                  8 16 17 41

Cully's Yamaha Clubman 600

1  147                                         Tommy King                               Yamaha YZF‐R6 600                25 25 25 75

2  165 HTR Racing                        Geoff Booth                               Yamaha YZF‐R6 600                 20 20 20 60

3  50 MOJO MOTO                         Graham Jeanes                           Honda CBR600RR                    15 18 17 50

4  116 Race Workz                         Paul Wood                                 Yamaha YZF‐R6 600                10 17 18 45

Chain Reaction Motorcycles Clubman 1000

1  252                                       Steve Barrington                           Yamaha YZF‐R1 1000               25 25 25 75

2  76 Badger Racing                    Johan Mouton                               KTM 1190                              20 20 17 57       

3  999 Carpet Liquidators             Daniel Rignall                              Honda CBR1000RR                   17 17 20 54

4  80 Champion Ride Days            Brian Dick                                    Honda CBR1000RR                   13 16 18 47 47



Fastline GP Racing WA 125GP State Championship

1  60 Specialty Services Air Con       Scott Pettit                                Honda RS 125R                      25 25 25 75

2  86 Fastline GP Racing                David Doughty                            Honda RS 125R                       20 18 20 58

3  68 Fastline GP Racing                David Manson                             Honda RS 125R                      18 20 18 56

4  63 One 2 One                            Jack Twisse                               Honda RS 125R                      16 17 16 49

Helmet House Production 250 Series

1  313 RAM Motorsport                     Joel Hunter                               Kawasaki Ninja 250R                 20 25 45

2  24 JB Racing                               Lachlan Hickey                          Kawasaki Ninja 250R                 25 20 45

3  167 Dantech Senior Engineering     Hayley Green                            Kawasaki Ninja 250R                 18 18 36

4  911                                            Rod Shepheard                          Kawasaki Ninja 250R                 17 16 33


Helmet House Production 300 Series

1  48                                              Tim Boujos                               Kawasaki Ninja 300                   25 25 50

2  13 SP Racing                                Michelle Marais                        Kawasaki Ninja 300                   20 20 40

3  24 JB Racing                                Lachlan Hickey                         Kawasaki Ninja 250R                 17 18 35

4  313 RAM Motorsport                      Joel Hunter                              Kawasaki Ninja 250R                 18 17 35