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Sport Pixx Sport Photography.

                          Perth.Western Australia.

Western Australian Sporting Car Club 2015 Champions.


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     1. # 22 Grant Johnson 366 pts                      2.  Gary Hills.346 pts                          3.Greg Dyson 233 pts.      

Saloon Cars AU/VT

Saloon Cars EA/VN

Formula 1000.

1.Nicholas Hanlan  311 pts                            2.Mark Jones 265 pts                     3.Craig Splatt 254 pts         

1.Rob Appleyard.103 pts                              2.Ben Riley 96 pts.                    3.Stewart Burns 84 pts.

Street Car Outright.

1.Paul Kluck .  296 pts.                      2.Andrew Stevens.287 pts.               3.Craig Maloney.271 pts.     

Street Car under 2060cc.

1.Neil Pollard 401 pts.                   2.Martin Willard 342 pts                          3.Maggie Waters 36 pts

Improved Production over 2000cc

1.Dion Panizza 274 pts                              2.Glen Melling 219 pts                         3.Mark Jolly 197 pts                                                         

Improved Production under 2000cc

1.Gavin Reynolds 251 pts                          2.Kris Barton 229 pts                          3.Geoff Duckworth 251 pts.

Improved Production under 1600cc.

1.Tim Riley 352 pts                                 2.Brooke Newson 256 pts                  3.Brad Wheeler 229 pts      

Formula Ford.

 1.Homan Ho. 247 pts.                             2.Oliver Baxter 243 pts.                     3.Declan O'Brien 226 pts      

Formula Ford Silver Star.

1.Joshua Malthews 360 pts               2.Glen Swarbrick 235 pts                           3.Matthew Lyford 105 pts.

HQ Sedans.

 1.Marc Watkins 256 pts                              2.Michael Howlett 248 pts                           3.Wade Hedley 236 pts

Formula Vees 1600cc

1.David Caisley. 360 pts.                     2. David Campbell 358 pts                  3.Cameron Edwards 283 pts  

Formula Vees 1200cc

    1.Franz Esterbauer 358 pts.                     2.April Welsh 273 pts                          3. Peter Joart 272 pts

Hyundai Excel.

 1.Nick Miltic 450 pts.                             2.Thomas Schou 328 pts                      3.Peter Howard 267 pts

38th Annual Street Car Torque Trophy.

    1.Denver Parker.50 pts                               2.Paul Kluck 42 pts.                             3.Brad Cuss 42 pts.  

Historic Touring Cars NA - NB State Championship over 3001cc.

1.Graeme Woodhouse 225 pts                   2 Frank Viskovich 166 pts                       3.Bill Meeke 78 pts.   

Historic Touring Cars NA - NB Sate Championship under 3000cc

1.John Harwood. 145 pts                             2.Gary Francis 90 pts                          3.Randle Beevis 88 pts    

Historic Touring Car NC WASCC Championship over 3001cc.

        1.Paul Jakovich 140 pts                         2.Gino Grida 125 pts                            3.Greg Freeman 100 pts.

Historic Touring Car NC WASCC Championship under 3000cc

 1.Owen Sactchell 288 pts.                   2.Max Farrell 189 pts.                           3.Murray Paddison 159 pts.  

Formula Classic.

1.Michael Henderson 300 pts                  2.Lance Carwardine 231 pts               3.Andrew Nielson 175 pts

Modern Regularity.

1.Vince Monachino 23 pts                           2.Dawn Eales 21 pts                          3.Paul Van Den Rydt 16 pts

Brikmakers Super GT Series

 1.Grant Hill 249 pts                                 2.Peter Rullo 164 pts                            3.John Zelesco147 pts

Brikmakers Super GT Series - GT Series.

 1.Peter Rullo 188 pts.                             2.John Zelesco 185 pts                       3.Chris Wilson 58 pts

Brikmakers Super GT Series - GT Production

1.John Roderick 135 pts.                        2.Adam Williams 75 pts.

Brikmakers Super GT Series - Sport Sedans.

1.Grant Hill 281 pts                                  2. Alex Rullo 143 pts                             3.Greg Barr 123 pts

GT Tander Trophy over 2000cc - Improved Production Cars.

  1.Kevin Ledger 75 pts                              2.Kerry Wade 60 pts                             3.Matt Stiles 50 pts.

GT Tander Trophy under 2000cc - Improved Production Cars.

1.Gavin Reynolds 75 pts.                            2.Kris Barton 60 pts.                           3.Geoff Duckworth 54 pts.

GT Tander Trophy under 1600cc - Improved Production Cars

        1.Tim Riley 75 pts                               2.Don Simpson 55 pts                     3.Brad Wheeler 53 pts.

Sport Sedan WASCC Championships.

1.Ryan Humfrey 265 pts                         2.Brian Edhouse 120 pts                      3.Chris McKenzie 90 pts

These Grinners are the Winners...